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B O U N C E !

Rebounding exercise



What is Rebounding?

 "2 minutes of rebounding is equivalent to 6 minutes of running, 10 minutes of swimming and 22 mins of walking. A 5-minute bounce is therefore equivalent to doing a quick jog around the block and 20 minutes offers similar benefits to health and fitness session of over an hour." - ReboundSA

Rebounding is a type of aerobic exercise that is performed while jumping on a mini-trampoline or a rebounder. Jumps can be fast or slow, and can be mixed with rest or aerobic stepping. It can be only cardio or a combination of cardio and strengthening exercises by using body weight, dumbbells or ankle weights for added resistance.

Benefits of rebounding

  1. Exercises the cells (cellercizing) – strengthening and cleansing every cell in your body with every bounce (including your muscles, eyes, ears, heart, major organs, skin, etc).

  2. Increases energy levels throughout the day.

  3. Boosts lymphatic drainage, detoxifying the whole body and stimulating immune function.

  4. 68% more effective than running, without the impact stress on the ankle and knee.

  5. Increases bone and muscle density via the triple G-Force (gravity, acceleration and deceleration) of each bounce.

  6. Tones and firms the whole body, increasing lean muscle mass.

  7. Minimizes the occurrence and duration of common ailments such as colds, allergies, sinusitis and constipation.

  8. Reduces sugar and carbohydrate cravings by circulating more oxygen to the tissue and establishing a better equilibrium between oxygen required by the tissues and oxygen made available.

  9. Improves coordination, enhancing sport performance.

  10. Enhances proprioception, the ability to sense the position, location and movement of the body and its parts.


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